About Us

Swiss LED is based in Switzerland, near Geneva. We are an International Manufacturer and Supplier of lighting solutions.

Founded in 2015, SWISS LED is a company engaged in the design, manufacturing and distribution of lighting products, intelligent LED solutions and control systems.

The company is built on three pillars:


Luminaires and Controls


Evaluation, Design, Built to order, Installation & Maintenance


Technology and Connectivity.

Who We Are

Swiss LED core competences are developing, manufacturing and providing our clients with general and special lighting solutions. We have only one goal, that everything must be possible in order to execute the perfect solutions.

The company produces LED luminaires for the following sectors: street, architectural, retail, hospitality, sport and medical.

Over the years we have established solid partnerships with industries to manufacture and distribute the best quality products possible that cater 100% of the client requirements.

Our Vision

Swiss LED establishes solid partnerships with industry leaders to produce high quality lighting ecosystems.

We thrive to improve user experience, comfort, productivity, and well-being with our one stop shop turnkey solutions, so that our clients only have us as interlocutors for their projects.

Our Mission

Swiss LED manufactures built to order products, as well as offering full turnkey solutions, from the concept stage of the required light, to the installation of it.

We provide energy saving solutions, by utilizing our premium grade A LED lighting products and lighting control  solutions. Therefore, we achieve energy savings in  new and existing projects.

We also provide environmentally friendly cost-efficient lighting solutions, that caters to client budgets, achieving competitive return on investments, limiting the carbon footprint.

Choose Us

Swiss LED is involved in major ESCO projects providing ultra efficient LED solutions for both private and governmental entities.

Furthermore, we provide complete turnkey solutions for cities as well as more focused projects such as hotels, sport centres and architectural buildings.

Not only do we provide those solutions, but we make sure our clients are fully satisfied with what we offer.

Built to order to 100% of the client’s needs whether we are talking about the product itself as well as the entirety of your project.

We aim at lowering your costs and provide you with the best return on investment and warranty possible which best match your budget.

Our flexibility is unmatched today as we ensure that you have only us as interlocutors to deliver the best quality you deserve.

We encourage you to contact us for more information on what solution best suits you, for your existing or new projects.