LED lamps

Swiss LED offers a versatile series of LED Lamps (bulbs, tubes and panels) that can be implemented in a variety of indoors and outdoors applications.

The main benefits of our products are: eco friendly, power saving and long lasting; directly retro fittable in existing formats (AR111, PAR 30, PAR 38); exceptional heat transfer efficiency; no flickering or UV radiation; premium quality power driver; dimmable & non dimmable options available; 25’000 hours and 5 years’ warranty; completely customisable in terms of light angle, colour temperature and light output.

Indoor lighting

Luminaires are essential in creating a comfortable, safe and healthy environment. At Swiss LED we take great pride in offering well engineered and ergonomic luminaires, perfectly adapted to a variety of applications.

Main features of our luminaires are: well designed for easy installation and maintenance; adaptable to a great variety of style and environments; well ventilated; (need a third benefit); custom made to your specific needs.

Outdoor lighting

Swiss LED outdoor lighting provides energy efficient LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of outdoor applications including: roadway lighting, area lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting, parking lighting and other commercial outdoor lighting applications. Swiss LED outdoor lighting luminaires integrate the latest LED technologies and deliver the best optical performance with minimal energy consumption. Our lighting technology delivers ideal outdoor lighting solutions with longer life, increased visibility, superior uniformity and reduced energy consumption. All these attributes result in value-oriented, energy-saving and environmentally friendly luminaires.

intelligent LED

The Swiss LED intelligent lighting solution transcends traditional connected lighting systems of cabled networks and sensors by using wireless technology to directly address each lighting point either individually or as part of a group.

The Swiss LED intelligent lighting solution provides a centralised control system that coordinates all the elements in the lighting system, including controllers, drivers, luminaries, sensors and other relevant components such as calendar profiles and groups. It optimises data collection of real-time energy consumption, status reporting and environmental monitoring.