We create a better experience.
We bring light to your space.

Our core competence is developing, manufacturing and providing our clients with intelligent LED solutions using LED data transmission technology and LED control systems; for indoor and outdoor lighting of offices, shopping malls, sport facilities, industrial enterprises, public infrastructure … Easy to install, long life and low maintenance cost for customers is our guiding light.


Get the most from Swiss LED.
We do much more than provide light.

We deliver reliable and energy efficient solutions. Miniaturisation is the key to embed more powerful electronics and connectivity in any lighting system.


Our products are essential in creating a comfortable, safe and healthy environment. At Swiss LED we take great pride in offering well engineered and ergonomic luminaires.

Specifically designed for industrial, commercial & public facilities, Swiss LED solutions provides superior operational performance, durability and measurable reliability, consumption and maintenance costs. By providing information that supports the decrease of energy consumption and maintenance cost, our customers achieve a rapid return on investment.


There is nothing like a green future.
Switch to responsibility.

Preserving our pristine nature is integral to Swiss culture. As providers of lighting solutions, the Swiss LED team believes it has a global responsibility to lead the way to a greener and brighter future for generations to come. We have made it our mission to sustainably improve well-being and quality of life through good lighting for all.

This drives us to combine innovative technologies as well as energy efficient and durable components in products which dramatically reduce costs and energy consumption.

So what’s next?
It’s all about an LED future
and new innovation.