SWISS LED Sport Lighting

SWISS LED Sport Lighting

We are pleased to announce that SWISS LED have been awarded SFA certification from the Swiss Football Association for arena and stadium LED lighting in Haute Sorne (Jura).

With an innovative LED lighting system, SWISS LED is one of the few selected lighting experts, for arena lighting solutions, that is certified under SFA quality, performance and energy efficiency requirements for the 2nd league.

SWISS LED lighting system for arena and stadium comply with all relevant safety requirements ensuring that no shadows or glare on the field interfere with athletes’ safety. We provide not just products but also services for the project, taking responsibility for supply and installation of the complete LED lighting system, with 5 to 10 years’ warranty.

SWISS LED outdoor lighting solutions are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions including high winds, rain, freezing and boiling temperatures.

We supply LED lighting solutions for arena and stadium at all league levels, providing the ultimate sports experience with the superior illumination that SWISS LED solutions offer.

With the high definition that LED light can provide, SWISS LED solutions offer consistent light levels across football fields, arenas and stadiums that ensures clear visibility for players and supporters. Our floodlights provide flicker-free lighting, enabling TV broadcasting in HDTV and super-slow motion.

Certified for arena and stadium LED lighting, we can help you achieve the optimum lighting solution from start to finish. Furthermore, in order to enhance many different aspects of football arenas, we provide consultancy, design, products and installation.

For further information, please contact SWISS LED Back Office :

SWISS LED Technologies AG
Bedpran 2, 2855 Glovelier, Switzerland
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